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the color of watercolor pen
- Dec 21, 2020 -

A watercolor pen is a painting tool.Watercolor pens are commonly used as painting tools for children. The tip is usually made of carbon fiber and sold in boxes of 12 colors, 24 colors and 36 colors. The tip is generally round, and the two colors are not harmonious together. The advantage of colored pen is colour is rich, bright-coloured, shortcoming is to use time is shorter, moisture is not even, transition is not natural, two colors are not harmonious together, suit to draw children picture commonly so.Some colored water bolt shell can be separated into several vertical water tank, add in slot on each different watercolor, can make the color pen one a different color of painting and calligraphy writing characters or calligraphy and painting a different pattern, and the color can be arbitrary adjustment, once a pen can write Chinese characters or painting and calligraphy painting large area, and change color is rich, more suitable for the creation of painting and calligraphy, improve the effect of the drawings, is conducive to improve the level of students' learning interest and the calligraphy and painting, etc.


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